Sunday, 11 August 2013


Malayalam funny movie scene and dialogue images for Facebook comments 7

Malayalam movie scene - Pranjiyettan - Mammooty

Funny  dialogues - Mohan Lal

Funny malayalam movie scene from Amen

Funny  movie dialogues - Dileep and Innocent

Funny malayalam  comment - Santhosh Pandit

Variety dialogues - It's tripping

Funny malayalam movie scene - 

Funny comment - Jagathy Sree Kumar

Funny malayalam comments - Kalakki Saimaa.

Malayalam movie dialogues - Vanjaramood

Classic malayalam movie dialogues - Jagatheesh

Like a boss image

Funny malayalam movie dialogue images

Ugran - image

Malayalam comment image - Mohan Lal

Funny malayalam comment image

Classic malayalam movie dialogues

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